What is Alternative Fuels Advocates?

As an experienced professional having worked more than 35 years in energy analysis, legislation, policy development, project management and program design and implementation, I established Alternative Fuels Advocates (AFA) to further the vital role that low-carbon, non-petroleum alternative fuels, and advanced vehicle technologies can play in California and the United States.  My experience and role in California, incubating what is now a robust policy and funding environment, positions Alternative Fuels Advocates in a unique position to assist alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology stakeholders to meet their business objectives.


What I Want to Achieve

In establishing AFA, I am committed to reducing America’s dependence on petroleum by identifying opportunities and removing barriers for policymakers, fleets, manufacturers, suppliers, fuel providers, and not-for-profit organizations, to expand market opportunities for all viable low-carbon alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. 
Today, there are many alternative fuels and advanced vehicles that are ready to compete in the marketplace with new players entering this arena every day. AFA is positioned to work with clients to assess and navigate pathways that best meet their individual needs.  My goal is to assure that the beneficial attributes these fuels and vehicle technologies are recognized and fully valued in the market.