What AFA Offers

AFA offers policy, regulatory, legislative and business development consultation services for clients that produce, sell, and use alternative fuel and advanced vehicle products. Whether at the stage of product development, market-entry or expanding market-share, AFA can provide thoughtful guidance to assist clients in the following areas:

  • Understanding the market potential and acceptability of new fuel and vehicle products.
  • Identifying opportunities for private/public partnerships, financial incentives, regulatory compliance and credits.
  • Providing insight into local, state, and federal governments and how they work.
  • Making introductions to key people in the industry that can help advance your objectives.
  • Providing assertive representation for alternative fuels in legislative policy and regulatory forums.
  • Assisting in project planning, financing and development.
  • Providing workshops or forums to interpret and explain policies, programs and regulations related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies.

Our current clients include a wide array of alternative fuel and vehicle technology companies, including the following:

  • Producers of low-carbon fuel ethanol, biomethane and biodiesel
  • Biodiesel distributors and blenders
  • Alternative fuel infrastructure developers, for both retail and commercial facilities
  • Advanced engine, drivetrain and vehicle technology developers
  • State and local governments, private foundations and non-profit organizations
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle producers and dealers
  • Clean Cities Coalitions and their stakeholders

I welcome the opportunity to assist you on the pathway to market success, whatever your particular needs may be.